CFFE Statement: Anti-Business Activists Try To Destroy AZ Restaurants

PHOENIX, AZ Citizens for Free Enterprise released the following statement in response to anti-restaurant activists filing a lawsuit to block Arizonans from making their voice heard on the Tipped Workers Protection Act, which will appear on the November ballot:

“The Tipped Workers Protection Act will keep Arizona’s local restaurants open and their staff employed.” said JP Twist, Executive Director of Citizens for Free Enterprise. “These anti-business California activists know that Arizonans overwhelmingly support our local restaurants and their employees. We won’t be fooled by false promises from out-of-state liberals — Arizonans will not import the same bad ideas that have decimated the restaurant industry in places like California and Washington, DC.”

This comes as Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump announced a new plan that would exempt tips from federal income taxes. The plan would raise take-home pay for workers in the service industry.