CFFE Statement: Katie Hobbs Sides With Criminals Over Small Business

PHOENIX, AZ – Citizens for Free Enterprise released the following statement in response to Governor Hobbs’ veto of SB 1414, a bill which would have cracked down on organized retail theft. The bill received broad support from both prosecutors and retailers and would have increased penalties for repeat offenders. This comes as organized retail theft is a rising concern for business owners and consumers.

“Organized retail theft has caused significant pain for small businesses and Arizona families,” said Citizens for Free Enterprise Executive Director JP Twist. “When criminals steal from local businesses, it causes prices to rise, customers to flee, and can even put stores out of business. No one wants to see malls and retail stores become centers of lawlessness, but with this latest veto, Katie Hobbs sent a clear message to small business owners and all Arizonans concerned about safety and rising prices: it’s not her priority.”