CFFE Statement: Katie Hobbs Vetoes Good Governance

PHOENIX, AZ – Citizens for Free Enterprise released the following statement in response to Governor Hobbs’ veto of SB 1343, a bill which would refine the process under which state executive agencies review rules every five years. The law would have created a more precise way to measure the impact harmful regulations have on free enterprise.

“It was disappointing to see Governor Hobbs veto SB 1343 this week,” said Citizens for Free Enterprise Executive Director JP Twist. “SB 1343 was a no-brainer for improving regulatory review. There is no good reason why agencies should consider estimated costs to review rules rather than using real world data of the actual costs Arizona businesses face. On top of that, occupational licenses remain one of the biggest barriers Arizona’s entrepreneurs face, and if state agencies can’t justify rules that put Arizonans at a disadvantage relative to our neighbors, these rules should expire. If Governor Hobbs wants Arizona to continue its economic progress, eliminating harmful regulations based on concrete data should be part of her priorities.”