Former Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Launches New National Advocacy Effort As CEO Of Citizens For Free Enterprise

PHOENIX, AZ – Citizens for Free Enterprise announced today that former Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has been named CEO as it launches a new national advocacy effort focused on the promotion and preservation of the free enterprise system. Backed by some of the country’s most successful business leaders, Governor Ducey will focus on increasing the group’s national presence in politics while attracting new supporters to the organization.

“One of my true passions is in promoting the economic foundation that makes America the land of freedom and opportunity. Our free enterprise system has lifted millions of people out of poverty and spurred remarkable innovation,” said Gov. Ducey. “Unfortunately, these principles are under attack and our organization plans to lead an advocacy effort that will motivate more people who care about free enterprise to get involved in elections”

As part of its national advocacy effort, CFFE plans to work on the ground across the country to identify and activate people currently disengaged from politics but who are passionate about promoting economic opportunity, fighting socialism and protecting the ideals that make America the greatest country in the world.

During Governor Ducey’s historic two terms in office, he turned the state into “a free market oasis” by enacting tax cuts, reducing government regulation and unleashing entrepreneurialism. Prior to elected office, Ducey served as CEO of Cold Stone Creamery, growing it from a single store to 1,400 locations.

Doug Ducey is known as one of America’s most successful entrepreneurs and most successful governors.

Elected Arizona’s 23rd Governor in 2014 and reelected by an even wider margin in 2018, Ducey successfully championed historic policy initiatives, enacting the lowest flat income tax rate in the nation, introducing a first-in-nation law that requires students to pass a Civics test before graduating from high school, knocking-down licensing requirements that stood as a barrier to work, and eliminating or improving over 3,365 regulations resulting in the equivalent of a $183 million dollar tax cut.

Ducey may be best known for pioneering Education Scholarship Accounts and universal school choice – providing every family with the opportunity to have their student attend whatever school is best for them. As the Hill reported, Arizona’s program “has become the standard that school choice advocates argue other states need to emulate.”

Governor Ducey also welcomed record amounts of investment by leading various economic development initiatives that have attracted businesses from all industries, especially international semiconductor manufacturing and healthcare. While Arizona governor, Ducey served as Chairman of the Republican Governors Association, and was the first Governor since Ronald Reagan to be elected by his peers to serve multiple terms in that role.
Ducey began his career in business with Procter & Gamble, and later served as CEO of Cold Stone Creamery. There, Ducey led the expansion of the ice cream franchise from one single store into a business with 1,400 locations in the United States and 10 other countries.