NEW VIDEO: Blue Collar Workers Pay Off College Grads’ Debt in Biden’s America

PHOENIX, AZ – Citizens for Free Enterprise today released a new video highlighting President Biden’s latest scheme to siphon hundreds of billions in taxpayer dollars to pay for a student loan bailout. This comes as college campuses serve as ground zero for the radical pro-Hamas protests. The video includes announcements of Biden’s student loan bailout programs alongside clips of campus unrest, including students praising terrorist attacks against Jews, defacing a statue of George Washington, and inciting antisemitic violence. 

“Biden’s latest student loan bailout scheme will have blue collar Americans paying off the debts of college graduates who knowingly agreed to take out loans,” said Citizens for Free Enterprise Executive Director J.P. Twist. “As their way of saying thanks, the new generation of college students decided to use their time on campus to spread anti-American sentiments, attack America’s Founding Fathers, and praise Hamas terrorists. President Biden shouldn’t be taking policy cues from campus radicals.”

This comes following a report from Politico unearthing that President Biden’s top campaign donors are quietly funding the pro-Hamas protests on college campuses, some of which have become violent. As the campus protests have gotten more out-of-hand, Americans are growing more frustrated with Biden’s handling of the conflict, with 60% disapproving according to a new poll.

You can watch the full video by clicking here.