NEW VIDEO: Citizens for Free Enterprise Outlines Priorities, Future Advocacy

PHOENIX, AZ – Citizens for Free Enterprise today outlined its priorities in a new video as it launches its mission to promote economic opportunity, fight socialism and protect the ideals guiding America’s economy. Citizens for Free Enterprise’s national advocacy effort will be committed to promoting the bedrock principles of our economic system that have empowered countless citizens to achieve the American dream.


Innovation, entrepreneurship and opportunity are at the heart of our economy – that’s the beauty of free enterprise,” says Citizens for Free Enterprise CEO and Former Arizona Governor Doug Ducey in the video. “Citizens for Free Enterprise was established to promote opportunity, fight bureaucratic overreach and defeat big government socialism. The core tenets of the free enterprise system are under attack and our mission is to be the voice for those who want the next generation of Americans to have more opportunity.”

As part of this national advocacy effort, Citizens for Free Enterprise will activate and mobilize concerned Americans who have previously been disengaged from politics but are passionate about expanding opportunity, protecting personal freedoms and preserving the American way of life.

“America’s economic system has been the single greatest engine of economic growth and mobility in world history,” said Citizens for Free Enterprise Executive Director J.P. Twist. “But the foundational principles that fuel our economy face threats from those who seek to tear it down and replace it with failed ideologies like socialism. Citizens for Free Enterprise will be taking its mission everywhere – Washington, D.C., state capitals, local communities and directly to voters across the country.”