The American Spectator: Doug Ducey: The Right’s New Free-Market Champion

Former Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has been out of office for less than a year, but he is already making headlines on his next political endeavor. To the disappointment of many conservative supporters, Ducey will not be running for the Senate or the presidency. Instead, he will lead Citizens for Free Enterprise, a national grassroots organization focused on registering and informing voters about the benefits of free markets and how to fight against bureaucratic overreach.

Ducey’s vision for the organization is to create a grassroots network spanning all 50 states with the intent to educate on and counteract threats to America’s free-enterprise system — threats that include the epidemics of failing schools and rising crime in urban communities. He wants to build for the GOP an equivalent to failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight Action.